Digital Delivery

Need targeted news for your web site or application?  Digital news feeds from Acquire Media can deliver the key news you need where you need it.

Acquire Media Protocol Suite (AMPS) is a full, guaranteed transmission of XML news over a secure internet connection that you host in your data center.  Simply choose the news you want either by named source providers, subject, industry, geography, company or any by any combination that is relevant to your needs. 

Acquire Media APIs offers a convenient way of leveraging what Acquire Media does best; powerful search to precisely identify key news and information along with alerting tools to notify you when news is available.  Using our robust set of content complete with these search and alerting capabilities creates highly valuable, compelling news modules for your site or application.

Acquire Media FTP offers complete delivery of news and information filtered for your interests, ready and available on your schedule.  Push or pull FTP capabilities mean getting your news is convenient and processes make it reliable.  Acquire Media news is delivered in XML but can be customized to meet your format requirements.

Acquire Media RSS offers full digital content of the news and information relevant to you and your users in the standard RSS format for easy, rapid deployment.  Select the content sources you want and apply any filters to tailor the RSS feed to your requirements.