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NewsEdge Data Visualization is more than just a pretty picture.

The quality of a picture depends on the quality of the lens.  NewsEdge looks at digital news through a sophisticated semantic lens and taxonomic filter, offering users a picture with better focus and more insight.  To learn more about our approach to data visualization, download our whitepaper.  

Looking to access your account? Login is an integrated real-time news management and delivery solution for business professionals.  Users across the enterprise benefit from current news and actionable information as it relates to their job, their company and their industry. combines a business relevant content collection with search strategies and information sharing tools enabling users to find and communicate the news and events impacting business. is your gateway to:

  • Thousands of premium subscription providers and web content for an inclusive perspective on information relevant to your business.
  • Easily combine keywords, develop Boolean logic and leverage the NewsEdge taxonomy for accurate search results.
  • Information sharing tools such as RSS, Story Folders, alerts, social media and more for communicating in business today.
  • Professional newsletters that are truly easy to use and reuse to support your varying audiences.

NewsEdge Web News Widgets make it easy to post timely, relevant news on your website!

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