NewsEdge v8

Smart investment decisions require the right content at the right time. News is most valuable to you when it’s insightful, impactful and immediate.

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Harness the power of event-driven news!

Get ahead of the markets! The NewsEdge highly refined search engine surfaces breaking events and stories relevant to your news-based trading strategies. Create standard searches and incorporate event-driven triggers so you can take action instead of reacting to market changes.

Learn how to use event-driven news to improve your research.

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NewsEdge v8 is the ultimate real-time scrolling news and alerting product for traders, financial professionals and others whose success depends on having access to mission-critical news.

NewsEdge v8 is more than a search engine. It leverages our powerful taxonomy to precisely filter the news to unparalleled specificity. The search and alerting tools deliver need-to-know news instantly - no matter what you're working on.

Customize your NewsEdge v8 news experience:

  • Relevance and news impact signals quickly gauge the significance of a story.
  • Audio and visual aids differentiate your profiles and alert you to an important story.
  • Highlighting options draw your attention quickly to preferred information.
  • Unique weblink technology instantly connects you with the web sites you use most in your research.